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Speaking of watches, each love to play table friends have their own favorite in the brand, each brand has its own unique aspects, such as technology, movement or brand culture.

Swiss Made Luxury Watches

Omega Watches

Omega watches is the world's leading watchmaking companies and brands, Omega in 130 countries around the world, through the sale of excellent dealers watches, Omega watches with its advanced technology combined with excellent watchmaking art, stable table altar leadership, create The countless impressive achievements...

Patek Philippe Watches

Time flow, Patek Philippe watches with you / her every important moment.Patek Philippe watches is a famous Swiss watch brand that began in 1839, the top ten watches in the world.Noble artistic realm and expensive production materials shape the brand value of Patek Philippe watches enduring brand...

Luxury Swiss Watches
Tag Heuer Watches

Functional aspects of the movement with the brand coincide. TAG Heuer watches chain made in the case of stainless steel with a special process, with high strength and excellent resistance to magnetic properties, the carbon content is low, TAG Heuer watches so the water and sweat in the acidic substances Has a strong anti-corrosion ability...

Swiss Top Luxury Watch

Swiss watches, no one knows, and are expensive. But the watch industry is not born in Switzerland.At the end of the 16th century, the French religious struggle led to a massacre, followed by Calvin's Huguenots who fled to Switzerland, bringing the technology of making watches. This combination of French and local gold and silver jewelry industry, the emergence of the Swiss watch industry.

The watchmaking process was almost entirely manual. 1845 with a watchmaking machinery, a large number of production, the industry really become a modern industrial sector.What the watch is "Swiss manufacturing" is a very strict rules.The only principle: Swiss made watches can be Swiss watches. The logo on the watch is: Swiss made.Watches and clocks in the pursuit of perfection and the spirit of continuous innovation, creating a world famous Swiss watches industry. Many of the world's special watch brands such as Breitling Omega Patek Philip Tag Heuer, etc. are produced in Switzerland.